5 Reasons Why B2B Content Marketing Is Important

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B2B salespeople don’t need content, right? The connections are solid, right? We have done business for years, right? Yea that may be right, until it is not! Because of the turnover of relationships in business, it is important to always be developing new business consistently. One way we can leverage that, as B2B salespeople, is through Content Marketing. In this article, we will give you 5 Reasons why B2B Content Marketing Is Important and how to start creating today! Even if you are not naturally gifted when it comes to creating content, the reasons below could give you enough context to finally take action and take advantage of the opportunities.

Before we get into it, READ THIS!

For those seasoned rainmakers, hats off to you! This article is not meant to lean you away from what is already working, but to optimize and compliment your business development. Vice versa, B2B content marketing is not a replacement to your basic sales functions (calling, door knocking, networking events, etc.) The truly disciplined do well with content marketing, because consistency is key like in other sales tactics. In the present day, having a digital presence through content marketing is key for brand awareness. The key result we all want to achieve is to stay top of mind during our customers’ journey. If you aren’t making content on the devices your customer uses, then it is extremely hard to stay at the top of mind of your customers.


#1 Illustrating Your Expertise

Whether you are writing, podcasting, video blogging, designing infographics, or just Tweeting, your expertise can be highlighted through content marketing. One of the essentials of what content marketing should bring to the viewer is education. We suggest that you make it entertaining so that it does not feel like that last pre-requisite class in college that you have absolutely no interest in. Some niches in the B2B space are extremely complex, highlighting your knowledge and educating your potential customers will be key to your content marketing strategy.


#2 Capturing Customers’ Experiences

Word of mouth is still the golden nugget of branding and marketing. What are current and past customers saying about your brand? Many B2B companies fail to capitalize on this by not retrieving key, 1st party data from their customers’ experiences. People do business with people they KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST. Why not put those people who DID know you, who DID like you, and DO trust you on camera to show their happiness. Even if your customer is too camera shy, asking the customer to rate and write a review that you can later post on your page works effectively as well. Check out Reviews.io.


#3 Documenting Your Story

As humans, we are naturally intrigued by stories. Stories are all around us! They’re in our favorite movies, books, shows. We even see storylines in business, ever noticed that some famous restaurants have a plaque or memorandum of their story? (Carl’s Jr.) People love to see growth and career advancement, just look at your LinkedIn notifications and see who recently had career activity, the engagement speaks for itself. B2B content marketing can certainly help you tell your story one day at a time.


#4 Brand, Brand, and more Brand

We hate to break it to you, but nobody really cares about the company you created or the service you provide if they have never seen it before. Remember earlier in the article about KNOW, LIKE, TRUST? Yea…..there’s no LIKE & TRUST if they have never heard of you. Having a consistent B2B content marketing presence can dramatically raise your awareness. Weird things happen when you stir the content bowl. Any successful B2B content marketing producer can tell you that they have connected with people online that they would have never met unless it was for the awareness they rose with their content. Good news, so many B2B companies are bland and generic, take advantage of it!


#5 Staying Top of Mind Through the Customer Journey

There’s a reason productivity and scheduling apps are on the rise in downloads, people are distracted! That does not exclude B2B customers, we are all bombarded by information on a daily basis. Along with making B2B content marketing material, it should be noted that simply posting is not enough to continue to push a customer through the journey of conversion. Your B2B content has to be insightful, entertaining, applicable, and resourceful if it will make anyone stop and look through their lunch break (big emphasis on the entertaining). You get what you put in to your content. If you treat your content as an important part of your business development, you will see the results behind the time and energy devoted to creating. Algorithms reward great content, which will result in you being in front of your target audiences on a consistent basis.



If you are overwhelmed, that is okay. B2B Content Marketing can be just that if you have never had to depend on branding or have never created content. We suggest hiring an in-house professional to get a jumpstart and/or educating yourself with content strategies. Remember, the goal is to stay at the top of the mind of our customers who, depending on your product/service, have various life cycles until they are ready to commit & convert. You won’t get in shape by just reading about it, you need to hit the gym! Same goes for you B2B Content Marketing Strategy implementation, just hit the record button!


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